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Dintober 2022 has Arrived!

It's October! And "October" means.. DRAWTOBER and BLOCKTOBER!

What are Drawtober and Blocktober?

  • Drawtober: Every October, artists do one drawing a day the entire month. (If you want to have an idea, check "Inktober" We call it "Drawtober" as the term has been copyrighted two years ago). All prompts are accepted!

  • Blocktober: Every day in October, one early blockout/layout (from games) is posted with the hashtag #blocktober.

Following this idea, we decided to create a similar recurring challenge for 3D Environment Artists, and it is the 4th edition! This year, we decided to propose not one, but TWO different types of challenges! Both lead to finish an environment or diorama in a month, but they take a different approach which I’ll explain in detail below.

The Dintober “environment-in-a-month” challenge is good to train on scope, composition, and allows more polish. The goal of this challenge is to finish an environment/diorama in a month. We have defined 14 steps to help you structure your time and scope.

The Dintober stylised speed-modeling challenge is more based on speed-modeling /one-prop-a-day idea (Like inktober, but for 3D). We made two prompts' lists of simple objects to model, which together can be a diorama at the end.

Here are some of the previous artists who completed the challenge last year! Click on them to go to the artists portfolio.


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