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Launching Mentorships!

Today we're launching Empire Mentorships! Some of you might remember the mentorships Jeremy was running some time ago. Well now they're back along with some new mentors hopping on board as well!

We offer two options;

  • The full Mentorships, consisting of Five 1 hour one-on-one calls and a 30 Min follow up call are perfect for those that are looking for guidance with their projects.

  • Crash Courses. Want to push a project just that bit further before finalizing? Need a quick boost in a certain skill? Then a Crash Course option consisting of one 1 hour one-on-one call and a 30 minute follow up call might be something for you.

Our current roster of mentors consists of:

  • Jeremy Estrellado - Lead Environment Artist

  • Ben Wilson - Senior Material Artist

  • Alex Beddows - Senior Environment Artist

  • Michael Kinsey - Environment Artist

  • Rick Greeve - Weapon Artist

    • More coming up in the near future!

Check out the Mentorships page here for more info.


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