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October Challenges 2021!

OCTOBER CHALLENGES - Dintober third edition !

It's October ! And "October" means.. INKTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER ! Following this idea, we decided to create DINtober, a similar recurring challenge adapted to 3D Environment Art. As usual, these challenges are not a competition, but a way for you to learn, push yourself, or help with self-motivation to finish a project! While there are not winners or prizes this is more about the personal challenge and helping each other improve.

Drawtober (or Inktober) Every October, artists do one drawing a day for the entire month. The term got copyrighted so we'll use "Drawtober" this year The official Empire list is posted below, but you're free to follow any prompt that inspires you best

Blocktober Every day in October, one early blockout (from games) is posted with the hashtag #blocktober.

Dintober The goal of Dintober is to finish an environment/Diorama in a month. There are 14 steps overall. You can define the time you use on those steps, as long as you keep the time constraint in mind (around 1 month) and try to post your progress once a day, even small. Link to the brief is right there ! >

General Notes :

- For Dintober: Introduce the step you're at when you post (Step 1: Description of what you've done) so people can follow

- For Inktober: Introduce which day you're at (Day 1 : Theme). You can post the Prompt you're following if you want to !

- For Blocktober : One image posting a day. Do NOT post anything that hasn't been released yet or is under any NDA.

Official Empire Drawtober Prompt (Optional)

To participate, join our Discord server and check out the October Challenges section for more info!


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