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In the beginning, Jeremy Estrellado started streaming on Twitch to push his artistic growth and creations. While the numbers started low it soon became common to see people chatting in the Twitch chat even when the stream wasn't live. Jeremy, also known as DiNusty, decided to created a dedicated space; a community calling themselves The DiNusty Empire. Together with its members, they've fostered a community helping countless people push past their comfort zones, finding a path through the industry, and realizing what they're capable of becoming.

Now, with over 8000 members strong we continue to push each other in a variety of ways: Twitch streams; Discord discussions; monthly challenges; portfolio reviews; and Discord critiques. To top it all of, we have, thanks to Alex Beddows, a podcast to call our own; as well as a YouTube channel with contributors and partners within the Empire itself -- Posting weekly content to further push the learning and sharing of industry concepts, workflows, and interviews.


The entire Empire experience has now come full circle, from a pure online experience to physical meetups. And, as the Empire Lore tells it, "Learning, growing, becoming, supporting and meeting will strengthen us all".


 Welcome to our community!

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