In the beginning Jeremy Estrellado started streaming on Twitch to push himself a bit more in a structured way forward to artistic growth and creation. While the numbers started low it quickly became common to see people chatting in the Twitch chat even when the stream wasn't going on. Jeremy also known as DiNusty decided to created a space which this small community themselves later named the DiNusty Empire. This community has helped countless people become who they wanted to become within the games industry. Pushed people outside of the comfort zones leading to even better work.

Now over 6000 members strong, we continue to push each other through the Twitch streams, deep Discord discussion, monthly challenges, portfolio reviews and Discord critiques. To top it all of we have, thanks to Alex Beddows; a podcast to call our own as well as a YouTube channel with contributors or partners from the Empire itself. Posting content weekly to further push the learning and sharing of concepts/workflows as much as possible.


The entire Empire experience now has come full circle where we have done a meet up and will plan more for the future. Learning, growing, becoming, supporting and meeting will strengthen us all as the Empires lore tells it.


We have a bit of story time as well :) Welcome to our community!

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