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Rick Greeve

In this mentorship you will be taught how to go about making weapons optimized for a first-person perspective. Weapons are complex objects already, but there is a lot more to consider when creating one for use in a first-person shooter. The weapon takes up a quarter of the player’s screen and thus should be of high quality, both in modeling and texturing.

Are you using enough geometry in the area closest to the camera? Is there enough detail shown in the textures? Is the weapon ready for animation? These are exactly the type of questions that will be answered in detail. I will help you through the process from gathering reference to the final presentation in Marmoset Toolbag or in a game engine.

⬤ Blockout ⬤ High poly ⬤ Low poly ⬤ UV’s / Bakes ⬤ Texturing ⬤ Presentation

Mentor Showcase

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