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October Challenges!

It's October ! And "October" means.. INKTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER! Following this idea, we decided to create DINtober, a similar recurring challenge adapted to 3D Environment Art. As usual, these challenges are not a competition, but a way for you to learn, push yourself, or help with self-motivation to finish a project! While there are no winners or prizes, this is more about the personal challenge and helping each other improve.

- Drawtober (or Inktober) Every October, artists do one drawing a day for the entire month. The term got copyrighted last year so we'll use "Drawtober" this year :)

- Blocktober Every day in October, one early blockout (from games) is posted with the hashtag #blocktober.

- Dintober The goal of Dintober is to finish an environment in a month. There are 14 steps overall. You can define the time you use on those steps, as long as you keep the time constraint in mind (around 1 month) and try to post your progress once a day, even small. Link to the brief is right here!

To participate, join our Discord server and check out the October Challenges section for more info!


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