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Take part in monthly challenges to help give some focus and direction to your personal projects

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Have access to a huge repository of tutorials in nearly all industry software to help you learn and grow your skills easily


Have a mentorship with one of our skilled mentors focused on helping you progress towards your desired destination

Portfolio Reviews

Sign up to have Jeremy Estrellado go over your portfolio with a fine tooth comb and feedback on how it could be improved from an AAA developer perspective

October Challenges 2021!

It's October ! And "October" means.. INKTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER! This year for it's third edition, DINTOBER is back too!

DinCon Digital 2021

As announced on the stream, DinCon is going to be a thing! Starting 26 of April we will be having guest speakers on the stream.

The Empire 5 Year Anniversary

We're happy to announce that The Empire has turned 5 years old!

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