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Monthly Challenges

Take part in monthly challenges to help give some focus and direction to your personal projects

Resource Repo

Have access to a huge repository of tutorials in nearly all industry software to help you learn and grow your skills easily


Have a mentorship with one of our skilled mentors focused on helping you progress towards your desired destination

Portfolio Reviews

Sign up to have Jeremy Estrellado go over your portfolio with a fine tooth comb and feedback on how it could be improved from an AAA developer perspective

DiNtober Fifth Edition!

It's October ! And "October" means.. INKTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER! Following this idea, we decided to create Dintober, a similar recurring...

Dintober 2022 has Arrived!

It's October! And "October" means.. DRAWTOBER and BLOCKTOBER! What are Drawtober and Blocktober? Drawtober: Every October, artists do...

MASKS OFF! September Challenge 2022

Welcome to The Empire Monthly Challenge! You are all welcome to stretch your artist legs. Get out of your comfort zone or artist block...

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