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DiNtober Fifth Edition!

It's October ! And "October" means.. INKTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER!

Following this idea, we decided to create Dintober, a similar recurring challenge adapted to 3D Environment Art. As usual, these challenges are not a competition, but a way for you to learn, push yourself, or help with self-motivation to finish a project! This is a much more interesting challenge if you post your progress and interact with others so we encourage you to post progress regularly, even if very small!

Dintober 2023 challenges

The goal of this challenge is to finish an environment/diorama in a month. There are 14 steps overall. You can organize your time as you wish, while keeping in mind the one month constraint. It is good to train scope and structure in a project from start to finish and allows some more polish.

Uses a 3d model prompt list. We added a new list of simple objects to model, which together can be a diorama at the end. The idea is not to have the most polished and detailed models, but to stay consistent in the style and focus on “giving the idea". It helps forge your prototype and speed modelling skills and finding approaches to modelling different objects. We made some modifiers that can adapt to the time constraints you could have during the month.

The October Channels are open from October 1st to November 15th. Time limit on these challenges is supposedly 1 month to give it a deadline, but the time is extended in case you need more time on your Dintober scene, if you've started late, or if you couldn't make as much time as you'd have wanted. This is valid for all challenges

Here are some of the previous artists who completed the challenge last year! Click on them to go to the artists portfolio.


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